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Through their lives, addicts and alcoholics come across numerous difficulties that drive them to drink or use drugs. They feel depressed and unmotivated to change their lives through any positive measures. Here in this community, we offer a 6 month program of rehabilitation for addicts and alcoholics still suffering from the disease of addiction. Here they can find a safe haven for them to build new lives for themselves free from substance abuse. We help people with this problem, since mental illness can trigger an addict or alcoholic to self-medicate. We also accept dual diagnosis clients for whom we offer outpatient services through our referrals.

Florida Sober House provides our clients with a step-by-step program of recovery based upon, but not limited, to the 12 Steps of Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous. Clients must attend the mandatory meetings Monday through Thursday evenings. They must also attend local outside meetings from Friday to Sunday . There are Community, Narcotics Anonymous, and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at our facility to help clients with the transition into a sober living situation.

We encourage our clients to seek employment if they do not already work or we can also use our contacts to find work for them. They are helped to obtain their basic necessities whether it is food stamps, social security or transportation.

Here at the Florida Sober House, we are trying to rebuild the lives of suffering addicts and alcoholics. We have created a program of recovery in order to accomplish this goal.

The program consists of a transitional period and four phases:

By transition we mean a 60-day-period of adjustment and compliance with our rules.

Phase I
Initiation into the program requires the desire to stop using drugs or alcohol. There are two programs for our clients to choose from. For Alcoholics Anonymous, it is recommended that a client obtain the Big Book and the 12 and 12 Book. For Narcotics Anonymous, a Basic Text is recommended (Call us for further information).
To be in Phase I of the program a client must follow all the rules and regulations:

· Have the willingness and desire to stop using
· Begin attending in-house and outside AA or NA   meetings (30 meetings in 30 days)
· Learn the first 3 Steps and first 3 principles of   either the AA or NA program
· Have a temporary sponsor
· Get a job if not already employed
· Pay rent

Phase II
This phase of the program shows us that a client truly desires to work his / her recovery. To be in Phase II of the program, a client must:

· Maintain all regulations of Phase I

· Have attended 60 meetings in 60 days

· Know the first 6 steps and first 6 principles of   either the AA or NA program

· Have a home group and permanent sponsor

· Be up to date on rental payments

Phase III
A client in this phase of the program has come a long way. By now, living a clean and sober lifestyle should be comfortable to him / her.
To be in Phase III of the program, a client must:

· Maintain all regulations of Phases I and II

· Have attended 90 meetings in 90 days

· Know the 9 steps and 9 principles of either the   AA or NA program

· Have worked the first 6 steps with his / her   sponsor and began working the final 6 Steps

· Be up to date on rental payments

Phase IV
This is the final step of the program. There is only a month ahead for graduation and they should have complied with all rules and pass a written test on the NA or AA history.

· Know the 12 steps and 12 principles of either   the AA or NA program

· Be up to date on rental payments


Once a client completes the four Phases of our program, he /she could become an example to newcomers. We recognize the efforts and commitment our clients have accomplished during the program and all together celebrate this graduation time!!!

Actual Facts:

·America is #1 and leads the world in illegal drug importation, drugs sales, illicit drug use and alcohol consumption.

·America leads the world when it comes to incarcerating her own people with a staggering 2.5 million and counting.

·Over 85% of all crimes committed in America were committed under the influence of alcohol, prescription drug abuse or some type of illegal narcotic.

·Less than 2% of all offenders ever get an opportunity to improve the quality of their lives through this process called recovery.